let them eat doughnuts!

a roundup of the yummiest dunkers in all of new york city and brooklyn—yes, we taste-tested them all
August 05, 2013  |   column: THINGS WE LOVE

in celebrating new york, new york, this month, our thoughts of course turn to its iconic foodstuffs—big apples, hot pretzels, and deli doughnuts.

today, we want to talk doughnuts.

not just because they’re in our KSNY x Darcel collection as coin purses and t-shirts, as a special downloadable graphic to dress up your digital pics in the Snaps! app, and because we’re giving bite-sized ones away (for free!) at our KSNY x Darcel traveling kiosk in l.a. this weekend. although those are all excellent reasons.

instead, it’s because our digital art director, janice veksler, found herself on a bit of taste-testing adventure in a cross-borough pursuit of the prettiest-looking doughnut for one of our shoots (some of the outtakes are below) and we asked her to review every single one:


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