let’s pack a picnic no.1: for friends in the park

the first in our three part series about the art of dining alfresco
April 16, 2013  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

this last sunday we spent a good portion of the day lounging outdoors with friends. (central park, to be exact.)

inspired by our renewed love of dining alfresco, we’ve crafted a special series on how to host a variety of picnics. from what to wear to what to serve and how to serve it up, think of this as your picnic 360. first up? a picnic for you and a few of your closest friends:

88A_Casual Friends_2

you want to dress colorfully, but also casually so you can master a pickup game of frisbee when you’re not laying in the grass. try a fit-and-flare dress in lightweight cotton or linen that hits just above the knee. sunny flats lend a practical pop of color while a roomy tote stows a blanket, baguette and a bottle of wine (or two).

88A_Casual Friends_1

       bright and boldly-printed picnic blankets, a polished wicker basket and porcelain platters (these are from our about town collection) with a whimsical design add a personal and playful touch. serve up a quick-and-easy array  of dainty open-faced sandwiches, mix and mingle over sips of a signature fizzy drink like sparkling raspberry lemonade  (our secret recipe is below!) and finish off with a desert that will take your guests by surprise. our current favorite? hand-dipped chocolate covered pretzels from brooklyn’s own fatty sundays & co. especially in white chocolate ombre.

recipe for sparkling raspberry lemonade


1 cup sugar

7 cups of cold water

3/4 cup raspberries (pureed and pushed through a fine mesh sieve, plus more whole berries for garnish)

1 cup fresh lemon juice


before you leave for your picnic: combine sugar and 1 cup of water in a saucepan over medium heat. stir occasionally, until the sugar has completely dissolved into a simple syrup. let cool.   next, puree 3/4 cups of the raspberries in a blender or food processor. then, push puree through a fine mesh sieve to separate seeds from pulp. store in separate airtight containers and pack in your cooler along with the remaining ingredients.

when you’re ready to start sipping: combine the raspberry puree, cooled simple syrup, lemon juice and the remaining 6 cups of cold water in a large pitcher. garnish with remaining whole raspberries and serve.


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