let’s dance: the samba

the basics, and then some
May 19, 2014  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH
did you know…
 1. national samba day is celebrated in brazil each year on december 2nd
2. the word “samba” stems from religious traditions in angola and congo
3. one of the oldest records of the word “samba” is in a magazine from 1838
4. portuguese-born actress and singer carmen miranda (nicknamed “the brazilian bombshell”) helped popularize the musical genre in the US by dancing it in fourteen hollywood films between 1940 and 1953
5. there are over 23 instrument commonly found in a full samba ensemble. a cavaquinho—a small four-string guitar—is one of them.
6. “pelo telephone”, recorded in 1917, is considered by many as the first true samba song
7. bossa nova or “new trend” is a fusion of samba and jazz that hit big in the US in the 50s and 60s
now let’s dance!

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