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we have a particular passion for beautiful typography. (take a peek.)
October 01, 2013  |   column: THINGS WE LOVE


defined as the way letters appear on a page, typography is an art. as a brand that prizes the power of the written word, we believe the type is as vital as the ink. when treated right, a single word—the punctuation, even—can become a miniature masterpiece. and often, for us, it does.

we find type to be irresistibly sexy. we love super thin serifs mingled with bold stems and the voluptuous curves of a perfect o. achieving the perfect balance when setting type is often like walking a tightrope. it must be complementary but not consuming. the right font adds flavor to the message it communicates; it can be playful, charming, bold or timid. it speaks a universal language. even if the subject matter is written in greek, typography can translate its intent simply in the movement of its lines (or lack thereof).

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