introducing darling clementine

the design duo behind darling clementine brought “the guide to living colorfully” to life with clever illustrations and bold color combinations.
November 22, 2011  |   column: WHAT'S NEW

when we started on “the guide to living colorfully,” our goal was to make it witty, charming and engaging. a set you would reference time and again, not just for the content but because it’s so visually compelling.

when researching artists, we fell for the illustrative style of darling clementine—and the rest is history. we sat down with designers tonje holand and ingrid reithaug to ask about the process and hear their thoughts on the finished product.

tell us a little bit about yourselves.

we’re designers based in oslo, norway. our style is a combination of much attention to detail, humor, unique color schemes and our scandinavian design heritage.

how does it work with two designers under one name?

we’re lucky in the sense that we have very similar drawing styles and techniques. we usually divide the workload into two—in the end, it’s almost impossible to tell ourselves who made what.

where do you find your inspiration?

for this project we looked at classic illustrators like paul rand and abner graboff. we follow a range of blogs daily for all sorts of inspiration—a few of our favorites include where the lovely things are, fine little day, black eiffel and oh joy. lately, we’ve had a very soft sport for everything finnish. we just love the bold colors and quirky style of illustrations over there!

whose work has helped shape your style?

it’s hard to name one designer in particular. we tend to fall in love with things for a while—we’ve had our french moustache and beret phase, a flowery folk phase and a circus phase with harlequin diamonds and quirky animals.

tell us about your design process.

we usually decide on the style and feel and start with one design idea each. we then throw of the ideas out and start developing the one that works best. we’re terrible at making rough sketches, so we often finish an illustration before making a new one.

what do you think of the finished product?

we love the look of the books and can’t wait to give these treasures away for christmas!

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