in the office with charlotte, jewelry designer

November 01, 2011  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

it’s often said that we’re a brand known for our baubles. we sat down with the girl behind the sparkle—charlotte, our jewelry designer—to talk about shopping, our holiday collection and the gem she uncovered in the vending machine.

q: how did you get into jewelry design?

a: it wasn’t really planned. at parsons i studied apparel design, but i’ve always had an interest in accessories. after an internship at kate spade new york, the jewelry assistant designer spot opened and i thought, hey! this could be great. i was right.

q: what keeps you busy during the day?

a: day to day i do everything from sketching and brainstorming new concepts to vintage shopping (7), searching for inspiration, bead shopping, making jewelry, reviewing samples, correcting samples and going on multiple, multiple starbucks runs.

q: who inspires you?

a: my dad, david (6), who taught me from a young age the importance of doing something you love as a job.

q: what’s your jewelry design claim to fame?

a: one of the first styles i worked on was the all wrapped up bow ring (4) with the grosgrain texture. we still use it in the jewelry line and it’s also expanded to belts and a few home products.

q: tell us a little-known fact about our holiday collection.

a: i sent two pieces of actual popcorn from our fourth floor vending machine to the factory to get the most realistic shape possible for the popcorn garland necklace (2).

q: which have been your favorite pieces?

a: i love the date night ring. i had a lot of fun with this one—in true ksny fashion, it offers a quirky pop of color to any look.

the pearl street statement necklace—this piece was a work in progress to say the least. i combined necklace samples from several different collections and added other elements i found locally. it really came to life at my desk.

i can’t wait for the double exposure collection (graphic day pieces in great colors!) to arrive in december.

q: pick three things at your desk and tell us about them.

a: my pliers (5) are essential. whether it’s creating a new piece or fixing a sample, i could not do my job without these.

this millimeter gauge (1) is always nearby because i am constantly measuring.

my bulletin board (3) is where i stick anything and everything—from inspirational images and photos to random odds and ends that strike me.

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