how to wear a silk scarf

October 06, 2011  |   column: FEATURED|DELIBERATE POLISH

this fall, we decided to bring back a vintage staple—the silk scarf. cut in a generous square shape, this ladylike piece is a true wardrobe extender. see five of our favorite ways to wear it.

1. around the neck: no necklace required, fold your scarf in half corner to corner, then knot it at the back of the neck.

2. as a bracelet: fold your scarf in fifths horizontally, then tie it in a bow at the wrist.

3. in your hair: start with your scarf turned in a diamond shape. fold the corners in to meet each other, then roll each side until you have a band with pointed tips. lay the scarf over your head and knot it at the bottom.

4. on your handbag: as if you were making a headband, fold your scarf into a band. bend it in half, then loop it around the strap of your handbag and secure in a knot.

5. on a chain: using a chunky chain necklace, pull one end of your scarf through a link near the clasp. feed it through halfway, then tie it through another link near the bottom of the necklace.

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