host a frock swap

April 19, 2011  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

an occupational hazard of working at a fashion company is living with an entirely overstuffed closet. of course, the obvious solution to this problem would be to curtail our shopping but, with temptation all around, that’s not an option we’ll entertain. so, last week we held an office frock swap to exchange our gently used treasures. to us this seems like the perfect compromise—if we’re not going to reduce the critical mass in our closets, at least we can keep it at a steady state.

how to host a frock swap:

1. choose a date and send out an invite.

2. do a closet sweep to select what you’d like to exchange—don’t forget shoes, scarves, bags, belts and baubles tucked away in drawers and boxes.

3. buy snacks and a bottle of champagne—we happened upon the aptly named barefoot bubbly.

4. display the wares on a rolling rack and large table.

5. designate one person to describe the offerings.

6. start swapping.

7. donate leftover merchandise to your local goodwill or other charity.

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