honey, what’s for dinner?

sarah simmons, the woman behind the delicious city grit culinary salon, has a few tricks up her sleeve. (it involves an old fashioned and pimento cheese.)
October 08, 2012  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

imagine hosting dinner parties with inspiring guests where you cook exotic dishes inspired by your travels. you do it in a converted school house in one of manhattan’s coolest neighborhoods. by day, your dining room doubles as a furniture showroom. and every so often, a top chef from another restaurant takes over your kitchen so you get to be one of the guests, too.

yes, that’s what sarah simmons does at city grit.  and we’re in awe of just about everything she does. so if you can’t get to new york to enjoy one her feasts, here are some secrets you can put into use at home:

i’m from: “fayetteville, north carolina.”

now i live in: “manhattan’s east village.”

how it all started: “the supper club originally started in my apartment about six years ago as a way for me to see my friends since i travelled a lot for work. when i decided i wanted to move into food, something where i would only have to cook half the time seemed ideal.”

top of my guest-chef wish list: “ned elliott from foreign & domestic, and bryce gilmore from barley swine. that’s actually two people, but they’re both from austin, texas.”

tastiest food-and-drink duo: “homemade pimento cheese and an old fashioned. it  calls to me from the refrigerator.”

party snack du jour: “i love retro snacks–a plate of olives wrapped in a cheese pastry never fails in popularity.”

what i cook when i don’t actually feel like cooking: “on thursdays i’ll go in to the “walk in”–where we keep all the recent leftovers–and fill an entire shopping bag of random stuff we’ve already prepped. that, or almonds.”

favorite spice: “smoked cinnamon. it does wonders for orange marmalade amongst a lot of other things. and sumac–it’s a root that has a lemon flavor but it’s not highly acidic.”

give me three ingredients: “and i’ll make deviled eggs and put something exotic in it like pickling juice or sumac.”

the last thing i ate and drank: “almonds and coffee. it’s a chef’s life!”




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