have you met darcel?

introducing the brilliantly clever artist behind our KSNY x Darcel collaboration, craig redman
August 02, 2013  |   column: WHAT'S NEW|THINGS WE LOVE
august is all about our excitement for new york city, and we love the unique humor and talent of nyc-based artist craig redman, who transforms everyday objects into bright, endearing graphics. he’s the man behind the iconic ¬†illustrated character named darcel.
redman’s work has been documented in art exhibits and magazines around the world: he’s re-imagined darcel as fashion and cultural icons, and, of course, darcel going about the day as a new yorker on redman’s witty blog,¬†darcel disappoints.
we’re tickled pink that for our limited-edition collaboration,¬†redman created an exclusive collection of bright graphics and colorful characters, just for us,¬†inspired by new york city‚ÄĒincluding a chic, quirky girl about town who lives (very) colorfully.


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