happy 80th joan didion!

she's legendary.
December 05, 2014  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH


to the woman is one of the frankest, fiercest and most poetic observers of our lifetime;
the language artist who approaches the structure of sentences the way photographers contemplate the angles of photographs (like the ones above, from her essay goodbye to all that);
the adventurer who, at the age of 72 after 16 books and 5 screenplays, took on the challenge of something totally different: writing her first play.
and so much more.
to one of our favorite literary journalists,
to our fellow new yorker,
happy birthday.
(PS: we’re excited about the joan didion documentary that’s in the works.)

required reading
run, river  (1963)

slouching toward bethlehem (1968)

salvador (1983)

the white album (1979)

miami (1987)

after henry (1992)

where i was from (2003)

the year of magical thinking (2005)

required viewing

the panic in needle park (1971)

a star is born (1976)

true confessions (1981)

up close and personal (1996)

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