hanging with john: the definitive word on designing a salon wall

April 14, 2011  |   column: WHAT'S NEW

creating a salon wall is one of our favorite ways to hang art—and pieces like album covers, postcards and other ephemera that suddenly become art once they’re decorously arranged. truth be told, nearly everyone in our office has admitted to at one time considering the wall montage a daunting prospect. however, with a short tutorial from our kate spade new york genius visual designer, john, we’ve all learned how simple it is to expertly configure a dazzling display. herewith, we divulge john’s tips:

1. measure the display wall.

2. using masking tape, map the dimensions of the wall on an empty floor space.

3. select photos, postcards, frames, matchbooks, prints, paintings and other curiosities to hang on the wall.

4. arrange the selected objects within the tape lines on the floor, until the desired look is achieved.

5. take a photo of the floor arrangement and begin hanging the items with an assortment of adhesives, nails, pins, and darts, using the photo as a guide.

6. add small elements—like a yoyo, photo booth strip and candy—to personalize the wall.

7. use a level to make sure the frames are straight.

8. voila!

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