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meet eliza, the green-minded girl behind the sill
July 02, 2012  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

this is the first installment of our new “girls we love” column on the blog, where each month we’ll profile interesting women whose colorful lives and innate style continually inspire us. our first girl crush, eliza blank, is blessed with a green thumb and earthy-yet-elegant flair. read about eliza below and stay tuned for more cool-girl q&a’s to come later this summer.

my name is: eliza blank.

i was born in: northampton, massachusetts in 1985.

today, i live in: new york city on the lower east side.

i started my company….. the sill in 2012 – nyc’s online destination for hand-potted houseplants – in an effort to make it easy, fun and fashionable to decorate your piece of the city, be it a dorm room, an apartment, or a desk at work, with a living plant contained in something more inspiring than a plastic pot from the corner grocer. i’m hoping the houseplant will claim it’s rightful place as an integral element in the lives of design-minded new yorkers.

i came up with the idea… in college here in the city, when i realized my mom was the only decent resource for good greenery.

i never leave the house without: my iphone, a pen, my day planner, a ribbon hair tie and rosebud lip balm (strawberry).

not a day goes by when i don’t: believe that nyc is the most inspiring city on earth.

in ten years i’ll be: probably in brooklyn (gasp!) will you come visit?  it’s not that far!

if i wasn’t doing this i’d be: working for another start-up, helping to build something special. perhaps even in the fashion industry!

my secret indulgence is: skipping the gym (hmm, now not so secret).

my advice to others starting a business is…. work with the right people. finding the perfect co-founder – the wonderful gwen blevens – has made the sill smarter, faster and most importantly, so much more fun!

i think having houseplants: is a right of passage – like graduating college or moving into your very own apartment.

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