getting to know: the strand bookstore

nancy wyden and jennifer mckibben have very cool jobs
October 30, 2013  |   column: THINGS WE LOVE
this month we teamed up with¬†strand bookstore on lots (and lots) of fun things to celebrate our love of beautiful type: from the 20 years, 20 books table at their store to our facebook exclusive grab bags, an exciting design contest using their totes and our “she” statements, and even this month’s style spy shoot.
now we’ve love to introduce you to two very interesting women whose careers at this family-run bookstore we admire.
nancy is the granddaughter of founder benjamin bass and knows the ins and outs of every shelf and every in-store event (think readings by james franco, a book swap evening hosted by ok cupid, and zelda fitzgerald-themed night to celebrate a new biography on the icon) while jennifer assembles hand-picked book collections for companies and personal collections alike. (who knew such a job existed, right?)
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