getting to know anjelica huston

the actress, activist and author
March 07, 2015  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH


who: actress, director, academy award winner, activist, author.

what: “i had to self-invent a bit,” huston told allure in an interview. “i heard my parents discuss that it was possible i wasn’t going to be a beauty. there’s nothing that gets you motivated like walking into a conversation like that!” the irony, of course, is that she is a beauty, inside and out. her unconventional features, elegance and zest for life paved the way for a modeling career punctuated with collaborations with richard avedon, grace coddington and bob richardson, among many others. her acting career has been equally illustrious—she won the best supporting actress academy award in 1985 for prizzi’s honor, and has been nominated twice more—and she’s an active campaigner for both human and animal rights. all that while, she’s maintained a positively regal sense of glamour. (jack who?)

when: huston was born in santa monica, california, in 1951, and she starred in her first film at 18 (a walk with love and death). in 2013, huston published a story lately told, the first part of her memoirs. the second installment, watch me, shown above, was published this year. (our new personal goal: a life so robust we need two memoirs to tell it all.)

in her words: “i think women like to conquer hearts. men like to conquer countries.”

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