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deborah lloyd speaks at the link jewelry summit
May 01, 2013  |   column: FROM THE DESK OF DEBORAH LLOYD

last week, our president and chief creative officer, deborah lloyd, was in vienna as a key speaker at the link jewelry summit— a two-day event hosted by swarovski and sponsored by the international herald tribune that brought together the global jewelry industry to discuss trends, sustainability, and creative insight of all sorts. so it was quite the sparkly ‘do.

here she spoke about style, creativity and the “secret to living colorfully”, together with iris apfel and nadja swarovski. we’ve  highlighted just a handful of things she had to say, below. you can also watch the video in its entirety on the link summit site. (we highly recommend it!)

ps: want to know what deborah’s wearing in this photo? it’s our mariella dress, alix jacketstripe setting statement necklace, and her favorite licorice patent pumps.


on her childhood dreams:  “when I was 15, I woke up one day and said, ‘I want to be a fashion designer—how do I do that?’ I’m very focused once I want to do something.”

on what it means to be a kate spade new york girl:  “kate spade new york is a brand I love: it’s about color, it’s about wit, it’s about whimsy, it’s about personal expression. it’s about not being a wallflower. it’s about standing out in a crowd, and we like to say she’s quick, she’s curious, she’s playful and she’s strong. we find those girls all over the world. i think the only thing we’re scared about is being bored.”

on the art of standing out in the crowd: “it’s great when everything’s not perfect. that’s what makes people human. we have a lot of wit and whimsey in our brand that’s done in a clever and sophisticated way—often it’s hidden, like a saying inside a bangle.”

and speaking of sophistication…: “great design can be the simplest thing. it’s all about functionality. in a handbag, it’s about the organization inside that makes you want to use it everyday. on a piece of jewelry, it’s about that piece laying flat whenever you wear it. and great design lasts a lifetime.  think of an amazing piece like a barcelona chair, for instance—look at it now and it looks like it was designed yesterday, but its been 80 years or more. great design lasts.”

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