from the keds archives

a look back at a 50s ad got our wheels spinning about classic keds style
April 12, 2013  |   column: THINGS WE LOVE

the skies may be a touch overcast this morning but we’re in a sunny mood over this vintage advertisement we unearthed from the keds archive, below. detailing all the spring shenanigans we could get up to in our different styles of kicks this weekend–from racing for ice cream cones to playing a game of badminton– it also reminded us of something else we love about these iconic lace-ups: how versatile they are.

whether we’re in the mood for wearing something flouncy, tomboyish or preppy, they’re a classic finishing touch. and we’re not the only ones. just think: what’s one thing jackie onassis, marilyn monroe, audrey hepburn, katharine hepburn and ginger rogers–all women with different kinds of style–shared?  a love for keds.

head here to see our collaborative collection.

(ps: happy friday!)


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