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the latest flowery makeover to woo us: floral typography tape
March 28, 2013  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

we love to take life’s simple things and make them colorful and pretty (see our post on ice cubes here). so we were beyond delighted when our senior director of creative services unearthed from her drawer a roll of floral packing tape she had designed for brooklyn-based rare booksellers high valley books years ago–the same book store that used to curate the books within our retail shops once upon a time.

while the tape is no longer for sale (drat!), we’ve been perusing etsy.com for beautiful floral washi tape ever since.

here’s how we’d put some pretty floral tape to use:

1. to create enviable DIY labels for files and office tools.

2. gift wrapping! for once, we’d want the tape to show.

3. for the temporary (but lovely) quick fix on any small break.

4. collage making—securing photos to album, or recipe cards to books.


72_Floral Tape

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