dress up your drink

our d.i.y. instincts are in full bloom. flower ice cubes, anyone?
March 18, 2013  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

with march being all about our love of  bold blooms, we decided to take a crack at making ice cubes with a little taste of spring. give it a whirl (and impress your cocktail party guests) in five simple steps.

you’ll need:

a 12-unit ice cube tray (we prefer the classic square shape)

a handful of safe-to-eat flowers, like violets, geraniums, marigold, sunflowers or carnations


1.    bring purified water to a boil. (boiling will help prevent pesky bubbles from forming and prevent the cubes from looking more white than clear.)    let  cool.

2.    create small piles of the flowers you want to use. trim away leaves or stems so you’re left with petals.

3.    pour the cooled water into the tray, filling 1/3 of each square. let it freeze.

4.    place the flower pieces on top of the frozen ice cubes, then pour more water over the top, filling the ice cube square. (don’t try to shortcut this step. if you pour all of the water in with the flower at once, the flower will just rise to the top. you want it to sit prettily in the center of the ice cube.)

5.    place the tray back into the freezer and let the ice cubes freeze completely. finally, enjoy them in your beverage of choice!

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