do you know florence?

meet the woman who inspired our year of pattern
January 30, 2012  |   column: WHAT'S NEW

australian artist florence broadhurst was a woman beyond compare. swept up in the social whirl, she found success as both a peacock and a chameleon, standing out while blending in.

florence’s story began in queensland, australia, with an audition that landed her a spot in the globe trotters acting troupe. bidding her family adieu, she set sail for singapore and started a new life abroad. her travels took her to a series of far-flung places where she shined in the spotlight as an imaginative ingénue. she captivated crowds with her song and dance, charming royalty and finding fame as a theatrical tour de force.

although her life wasn’t lacking for adventure, it wasn’t until after she had moved back to australia that florence found her true calling. opening a wallpaper studio, florence’s graphic prints soon earned her international acclaim. having abandoned traditional methods, florence created hundreds of hand-printed patterns combining bold colors and striking prints, all perfectly in tune with her own spirited personality.

we’ve long admired these extraordinary designs and leapt at the opportunity to work with the florence broadhurst library—stay tuned to see how we’re bringing florence’s prints to life throughout the year ahead.

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