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from #missadventure episode 2 "the great escape", hollywood’s favorite maitre d’—and the sunset tower hotel’s resident wealth of knowledge—shares his L.A. secrets
May 28, 2015  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH|CITY GUIDES




after watching #missadventure episode 2 on repeat, we’re ready for our own escape to sunny los angeles this weekend. but what to do once we’re there? we rang up one of our #missadventure stars, dimitri dimitrov—whom you got to know here—to see what he’d put at the top of our to-do list.


favorite under-the-radar L.A. spot:

bouchon is not under the radar, but it’s a favorite. i have a long history with laura cunningham [chef thomas keller’s fiancée, and restaurant consultant] and thomas keller—before he was who he is right now!  also the palm, bruce bozzi’s restaurant, and i like suzanne goin’s lucques on melrose. you notice i mention the chefs—i’m attached to some of them!”


favorite L.A. neighborhood:

whitley heights, hands down. it’s the favorite among locals who’ve lived a long time in los angeles. it has older houses from the 1920s and the most character of any place. it’s historic hollywood.”


favorite sunset tower cocktail:

“for afternoons, the tower smash: tequila, lime, ginger and basil on the rocks. the ginger has a little punch. another great drink is the southside: grey goose vodka, mint, simple syrup and a splash of lime, topped with champagne. that’s for a little bit later at night! it’s served in a martini glass, shaken—and very cold.”


favorite room in the hotel:

“for longer stays, the townhouse. there are two levels and downstairs there’s a fireplace, a gorgeous spot for conversation and a beautiful terrace overlooking the city. upstairs are the bedroom and bathroom. for the view, the penthouse is my favorite. it has an incredible panoramic view of the city. it’s fantastic. it’s a favorite spot of celebrities—without namedropping…”


favorite day-off activity:

“usually i’ve seen all the nominated movies and i love art house movies. i love movies with a story. half of the people in the room at sunset tower are actors, producers, directors—so we discuss them. i tell them i’ve seen their work, and it makes them happy. the remains of the day [1993] is my favorite movie. anthony hopkins is in it. it’s my life story, more than anything.”



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