dimitri recommends… (part II)

hollywood’s favorite maitre d’—and the sunset tower hotel’s resident wealth of knowledge—shares his L.A. favorites
June 14, 2015  |   column: CITY GUIDES



favorite local beach:

“i don’t travel often, but here, a couple times a year i drive through malibu beach to carrillo beach. it’s quiet and on the way back you can stop somewhere fantastic to eat.”


favorite L.A. tourist attraction (that even a native would love!):

“i love LACMA [the los angeles county museum of art]. when my old friends from europe visit, i always take them. it’s located close to everything—including where i work—and there are amazing programs there. plus, i’m very close to michael govan [LACMA’s director] and katherine ross [govan’s wife, and a fashion consultant]. whenever i have friends i want to impress, i take them there. it’s a very civilized way to spend an afternoon.”


favorite old hollywood movie:

“there are so many! i don’t know how to pick. sunset boulevard (1950) comes to mind. sunset tower as a building has such a great story, and it’s to be continued. it’s very much young hollywood now, and it’s amazing to be able to continue the story.”


favorite sunset tower secret:

“the sunset tower restaurant is located in the former apartment of bugsy siegal—the man who’s credited for forming las vegas. warren beatty played him in a move. when they found out he had links to the mafia, they threw him out of the building! but just walking in the hallways is incredible—this is a place where howard hughes had four apartments!”

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