coney island-bound

hitting the boardwalk on the first warm sunday of the year
April 24, 2012  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

during last week’s record heat, our web designer (and part-time shutterbug) natalie hopped the d train with camera in tow and headed to the end of the line. for those of us that didn’t make it to the shore, she shared these snapshots from her journey and some stories of the day’s many delights:

“as soon as you arrive you’re bombarded with all these colorful, hand-drawn signs (1) enticing you with every gooey, greasy, deep-fried, sprinkle-covered goodie and elixir imaginable. not one thing is good for you and it’s all amazing.

you can see the beach beckoning in the distance (3), but it’s most fun to wander along the boardwalk and through the amusement park to get there. we rode the wonder wheel (see my view from the top, 2) followed by some arcade games. things got a little competitive!

one of the things i love about coney island is all the colorful characters. this time i met a man who moonlights as a plumber and let me hold his parrot (7).

after a full day of indulging and enjoying the rides, we took a nap on the beach as the sun was setting (4). heavenly….”

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