buried treasure

some weird (and wonderful) finds from our move
June 18, 2012  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

after almost twenty (!) years at our 25th street location, we’re packing up and heading for new offices—as you can imagine, we’ve accumulated quite the collection of stuff over the years. here’s a sampling of some of the cool, curious and quirky objects we’ve uncovered along the way.

here is the list:

1.arrows— a prop from our fall 2007 campaign

2.shell box—found in web designer’s desk (origins unknown)

3.badge— property of our 5th floor “fire warden”

4.spirograph—creative work room tool (and fun party trick).

5.flamingo—a prop from our upcoming things we love book (abrams, 2013)

6. candy dots—another sweet prop from things we love book

7.piñata—inspiration for our summer 2013 mood boards (hint, hint)

8.dance stop—a fancy foot from our fall 2010 mailer

9.crown–part of a birthday party supply box

10.antlers—a forgotten find from the jack spade show room

11.tiny cards—a treat inside a surprise ball, holiday 2011

12.dinosaur— a prop from our tim walker bizby campaign, 2006

13.spray paint—from our spring “live colorfully” ad campaign, 2012

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