anatomy of an “oh sh*t” closet

we all have one. or at the very least, we all need one. here's how to prepare for spontaneous tidy-ups.
October 15, 2015  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH




the morning of a party, i wake up and think ‘oh sh*t.’ there’s either a mess i made from last night’s prep work or a new mess from one of the kids. everyone should have an ‘oh sh*t’ cupboard or closet where they shove random things before the party.” — mrs. lilien, designer, blogger, and very admirable hostess*.

identify a closet that, on any given day, is only partially in use. designate half that closet space to shelving—some lined with large, empty baskets, others left bare—so you have room to throw unsightly messes, chores, unmentionables and major projects when unexpected guests arrive. if this is your coat closet, arrange the shelving above the hanging rail and below the hems of your coats.

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