an element of surprise

the chapter in our things we love coffee table book that inspired this month's theme
June 04, 2013  |   column: THINGS WE LOVE

all throughout the month of june, we’re celebrating an element of surpriseā€”one of twelve things we love in our 20th anniversary year! after a peek at everything on offer this month, it’s clear the collection has a very palm springs theme: jacquards, palm trees, pastels with pops of metallics, and even a moment for a round of golf. and when you’re in the desert, happening upon palm springs is a very gorgeous and fun surprise, indeed. but where, though, did our love for an element of surprise steam from to begin with? read on….


“we delight in the unexpected details. skywriting, snowmen in the city, a wayward bunch of balloons–each has the ability to surprise and prompt a smile. we appreciate them when we come across them by chance, and we love to slip them into our products.

to celebrate the launch of our flagship shop in tokyo, we covered it in hundreds of pinwheels, giving passersby a spirited hello. our colorful idiom bangles feature a tiny turn of phrase delicately inscribed inside, so that it’s as if you’re wearing a secret on your wrist. …it’s the pursuit of these twists that keep s us on our toes. what’s next, you may ask? you won’t be stunned to hear… it’s a surprise!”

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