all that glitters

the thing we (really, really) love this month
October 31, 2013  |   column: THINGS WE LOVE


understated is overrated.

we’ve found that sparkle is not for the faint of heart—or shy of style. it’s an especially festive factor for those who choose to dabble in it, guaranteeing a few head turns (and perhaps even a cocktail or two, compliments of the gentleman at the bar).

gold, in particular, is our favorite glittery go-to. we see it as our sassy neutral, a hue too chic to hold court on the color wheel. its allure is nothing to take lightly: its gleam has long lured explorers to new destinations and its spellbinding powers are legend. yet, despite its dazzling appeal, it plays well with others, working withe very ensemble and giving the most basic pieces a lift.

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