a one-stop shopping spree

the vivian girls swung by our broome street store to shop the spring collection
February 09, 2012  |   column: WHAT'S NEW|DELIBERATE POLISH

what does one pack for a cross-country tour? we met up with the brooklyn-based vivian girls at our broome street shop to see how they’re styling their looks for the road—and sat with lead vocalist and songwriter cassie ramone to get a few details about the girls behind the band.

tell us a bit about your band.

we starting playing together in march 2007 with the goal of combining punk/garage with elements of pop music from the early 60s. since then, we’ve toured all over the world and played around 500 shows—we’ve been lucky to have had so many opportunities.

where does the name come from?

it’s an art reference. we love the work of henry darger, who did dozens of paintings of girls he called “the vivian girls.” it was ironic; they looked cherubic but were often depicted in battles or fighting crime.

you talk about being connected to your home scene. tell us why brooklyn’s the best.my favorite things about brooklyn are probably the opposite of what you’d expect: the people are, for the most part, very humble and the community is really strong.

how would you describe your group’s style?

we’ve all got our own personal styles. i would say mine is a mix of dj tanner, a southwestern mom and grunge. fiona mostly wears dresses, usually with full skirts because they’re good to drum in. katy’s style is simple—she doesn’t like shopping very much so she sticks to jeans and t-shirts or a cute dress.

what are you most looking forward to about the florence broadhurst tour?

we’ve never done a tour like this before, so i’m mainly looking forward to a completely new experience.

do you have any backstage traditions or superstitions?

we used to do jumping jacks while singing our own songs—or go running in place to huge pop hits from the 90s. some of my personal favorites are mariah carey’s “all i want for christmas is you” and whitney houston’s “i’m every woman.”

what one item do you each have to have in your luggage?

cassie: sketchbook

fiona: travel guide to wherever we’re going

katy: running sneakers

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