tune in to our radio station and find a few of our favorite indie rock bands, handpicked by one of our music-loving staffers
February 09, 2012  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

to celebrate our spring campaign, we’re launching katespadeny radio. the station features jams from a few of our favorite indie rock bands, handpicked by one of our music-loving staffers, becca. here, she shares her top picks, and why you should keep these girl groups on your radar.



becca’s picks: “when i’m gone,” “moped girls” and “i heard you say”

“it’s exactly what you’d want to play for a girl’s night in. you know—those crazy nights running around your apartment with an open bottle of champagne and all your girlfriends. their sound is a perfect blend of grunge and pop…it makes me want to toss my hair from side to side in my favorite denim jacket!”

**tune in on our facebook page tomorrow at 7:45pm est for a livestream concert by the viviangirls in new york city



becca’s picks: “lift me up,” “alcohol” and “meet me by the water”

“my mother always told me i should have grown up in the sixities—well, the same goes for saturday looks good to me. they have a wonderful vintage sound—perfect to amp me up for a night out. let’s just say that applying red lipstick and dancing in the mirror comes naturally while listening to this group.”



becca’s picks: “cameo lover,” two weeks/head over heels” and “good intent”

“listen to kimbra whenever you’re in need of an instant, colorful pick-me-up. her songs are catchy, fun and spirited. plus, she’s a rule-breaker who has a thing for confetti and bright pink—the classic ksny girl!”



becca’s picks: “marathon,” take me somewhere” and “deep in the woods”

“tennis is a musical gem i came across a year ago. with sweet, low vocals and a touch of synthesizers, it’s the perfect road trip music—all their songs sound like summer!”



becca’s picks: “tennessee me,” “i’ve got a feeling” and “my hear skips a beat”

“the secret sisters dress and play thepart of a southern high school dance in the 50’s. they’re great to listen to when you’re out for a stroll with your pup, or waltzing through a flea market—as long as you aren’t afraid to spontaneously shake your hips in public.”

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