Q&A: the story of the matchbook print

October 05, 2011  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

“…who wore it with a matching bikini on her honeymoon in florida back in 1956,” says theresa canning zast, director of creative, “for decades, she kept the scarf tucked away in her dresser, as a keepsake from the trip.” fast-forward fifty years, canning zast plucked it from “that drawer,” occasionally pulling it out to add a pop of panache to her summer beach outfits. “while it’s a sweet accessory that’s a reminder of my mom, i felt the charming print should live on more than just a scarf, so i brought it in to show our design team.” we commissioned a watercolorist to reimagine the pattern using a few of our favorite jaunts as inspiration. this season, the vintage matchbook motif is brought to life on a handful of new accessories, including the medium leila cosmetic case, large flat pouch and our classic bon shopper. we also used it as lining for the handbags in our fox chapel collection. we hope you’re as delighted with it as we are.

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