the artist and illustrator’s enchanting illustrations set the stage for our fall 2015 presentation
February 15, 2015  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

adventures and misadventures, tall tales and clandestine conversations, long outdoorsy walks and evenings curled up in a hotel bar: our fall 2015 collection, revealed during new york fashion week on friday, weaves together a world of glamour and mischief. when it came to planning the presentation, we knew we needed a setting as enchanting as the clothes.

after falling in love with his illustrations in our research for the places to go, people to see book, we enlisted mike mcconnell, a maryland-based painter and illustrator, to bring this world to life. the resulting mural: amusing woodland creatures traipsing new york city. below, mike talks about a few of his favorite vignettes:

15_Mike McConnell

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