...we all scream for milkmade's kate spade new york ice cream!
May 18, 2012  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

here’s the scoop: we got a special visit from our friend the milkmade, who, on a recent sweltering-hot afternoon, delivered icy pints of fresh, handmade ice cream in flavors inspired by kate spade new york. diana hardeman, founder of milkmade—a subscription-based craft ice cream delivery service—and queen of the new york ‘scream scene, treated staffers to sweet scoops of special edition flavors such as cha cha chocolate (churned with chocolate cuban spice cake & fresh pineapples), pop art punch (a raspberry lemonade with supercalifragilipstick! as its muse), twirl (containing fresh floral notes, just like our signature fragrance), a retro manhattan (featuring a cocktail of ingredients including grady’s cold brew) and frozen “eat cake for breakfast” cupcakes made with chunks of—get this—capt’n crunch morning cereal! staffers were sent on a sugar high devouring the frozen delights—learn how you can get your hands on a pint (or two) of milkmade’s sweet ksny-inspired treats here. enjoy!



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