meet the designer who is as clever and playful as her namesake label, whit
October 24, 2012  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

next in our series of profiles of emerging designers who were not only hand-selected to join the council of fashion designers of america‘s prestigious cfda fashion incubator this year but also share our own kyle andrew, senior vice president of global marketing, as one of their mentors during their program, is the whimsical whitney pozgay:

name: whitney pozgay

age: 31

hometown: phoenix, arizona

but i currently live in: brooklyn, new york

job title: designer & chief creative officer of whit

established in: 2009

i actually started out in costume design… which is very specific: you design for a character and the clothes have to be able to been seen from the back of the theater. then the show ends, the costumes get boxed up and that is that.

so fashion for me is refreshing because…. clothing has it’s own story, and that story evolves each day. so i never want to put our girl in a box with a defined idea of who she is. i like to give her a large dance floor, keeping the shapes clean and open for personal style.

you could say my own style has evolved in a similar way… i used to be more literal with my love of vintage. it was maybe even a little costume-like. but now it’s a relaxed and simple mix of things i love.

in terms of inspiration… i do tend to gravitate towards bold prints, retro textures, stripes, and mod easy shapes even though i’m constantly looking at new sources of inspiration. that filter is what keeps the collection consistent.

the signature thing for whit is… a bold print. and every season the theme of that bold print changes. we also always have a strong knit stripe program. stripes are my favorite neutral.

spring 2013 is all about…. bringing your vacation back to your everyday life. my husband, parker, and i started designing the collection on our honeymoon in st. lucia, so there’s a heavy caribbean influence–tropical botanical prints, bright island colors and nautical stripes, but all in city-friendly shapes.

i’m totally obsessed with…the long crane skirt with the canopy print (the one with the leaves). it makes me feel really tall, and that much of a print makes a real statement.

and we also did bags and shoes… i love working with people i admire. yestadt millinery and osborn are both brands that i love, and they bring something to the table that i don’t do. sometimes you get a happy surprise when you mix elements from two different perspectives.

the most valuable advice kyle has given me in the program… has been two things, really: to explore our brand message outside of the aesthetics, and to set bigger goals for ourselves.

and the most valuable thing my aunt kate (spade) taught me….was to not be afraid to edit, and to trust my gut.

career highlight (so far!)… we just had a look in the october issue of vogue, which as a big milestone for us.



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