A TIPPLE AND A NIBBLE #2: Black Velvets and Mini Grilled Cheese

part two of our weekly holiday series of quick and easy sips and snacks
December 19, 2012  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH

baby, it’s cold outside. few things say cozy-on-up better than classic comfort food so this week in our series of  inspired recipe pairings we’ve given the go-to grilled cheese a dash of chic for good measure. 

here we’ve scaled down the sandwiches into mini bites perfect for passed hors d’oeuvres (unsightly mid-bite gooeyness, be gone!) and paired it with a complimentary craft beer cocktail every partygoer can agree on.

black velvet





fill a champagne flute half-full with stout.

slowly top with chilled champagne.

mini grilled cheese


8 slices of fresh bread or squares of focaccia, cut into 4 equal squares

4 tbsp unsalted butter at room temperature

4 oz white cheddar cheese, sliced

4 oz gruyere cheese, sliced


1. heat a wide, shallow frying pan or griddle over medium heat.

 2. on your prep board, lay out half of the bread and evenly divide both types of cheeses among the pieces, making sure the cheese reaches all the way to theedges.

 3. sandwich each slice with another piece of bread that is lightly buttered on the outside.

4. place a few sandwiches in the pan  butter side facing down, and cook until bread turns golden and cheese begins to melt, about five minutes.

  5. flip, and cook for another five minutes. remove from pan.

6. as you may be cooking in batches*, adjust the temperature to prevent the breadbrowning before the cheese melts in the next batch

 7. serve hot.

**for easy prep, plan ahead! cut bread the day before and seal in air tight containers. assemble before the party starts, and then pop onto the pan a couple of times throughout the night, making small batches.

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