10 things to do this november

our list of what to click, read, browse, pin and hear right now
November 04, 2014  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH



1. spend a saturday browsing chairish — a home decor consignment site that’s effectively like a beautiful (and not too crazily-priced) flea market that’s cold weather convenient.

2. read amy poehler’s first book, yes please.

3.  refresh your pinterest boards with an impressive selection of contemporary art online before the works go up for auction on november 14th at phillips in new york city. better still, pop by the beautiful space on 57th and park avenue to see the works in person.

4. buy a pair of boots.

5. sign up for object lesson and receive an email five days a week containing an object chosen at random and a brief description about it. each piece is designed to delight, inspire or enhance your existence. (how thoughtful!)

6. start gathering supplies for this year’s tree decor. (strings of faux pearls and vintage chandelier prism baubles perhaps?)

7.  while you’re at it, begin compiling your wish list. start here.

7. watch rohmer in parisrichard misek‘s documentary about nouvelle vague filmmaker erik rohmer’s emotional obsession with paris over his fifty years of film—if just to drop the word “psychogeography” into your next cocktail conversation. and discuss.

8. ponder the creative genius of michelle reneau’s 2-D flatforms.

9. snag a ticket to exposed: songs for unseen warhol films at BAM to see 15 never-before-seen, digitally-restored films by andy warhol  from the 1960s, set to live music by eleanor friedberger of the fiery furnaces, dean wareham, tom verlaine, martin rev, and braford cox.

10. give thanks.




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