10 things to do in october

our list of what to see, hear, taste and explore this month
October 02, 2014  |   column: DELIBERATE POLISH



1. read lena dunham’s new essay collection, not that kind of girl.

2. sign up for stack, a subscription service that ships a different (fantastic, independent) magazine each month.

3. bake an apple pie from scratch with fruit fresh from the farmer’s market. (honeycrisps, braeburns or granny smiths yield the most delicious results.)

4.  say hello to independent film season with goodbye to language. jean-luc goddard’s first 3-D film played at the new york film festival this week (and we’re gutted we missed it!). luckily for all of us, it opens nationwide later this month.

5. celebrate sweater weather.

6.  pre-order a copy of places to go, people to see. our new travel coffee table book arrives october 16th.

7. take the train somewhere new.

8. learn about debbie harry’s new york in late 70s and early 80s with bandmade/photographer chris stein as your tour guide in negative: me, blondie, and the advent of punk.

9. we’ve got our eye on collage. visit henri matisse: the cut-outs at MoMA.it’s the largest presentation of this section of his cut-outs ever assembled. then, sign up their 8-week online course, “experimenting in collage.”

10. carve a pumpkin. (shopping list:  medium-sized pumpkin, metal cookie cutters, rubber mallet, black and white paint.)

happy october!

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